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Fiction meets science

Fiction Meets Science (FMS) is an academic research program made up of literary and sociological studies; residencies for fiction writers; book clubs; and public readings and interchanges between humanities, arts, and science communities. We are based in northwestern Germany, but our scholars, writers, and scientists come from around the world.

In recent decades, fiction writers have been creating new kinds of stories about science. They are exploring its practices, concepts, people, institutions, products and societal fall-out. What are the literary and social implications of this trend? What does contemporary fiction have to say about the human dimensions of science? Are its practitioners villains or heroes, drones or creative individuals, recluses or team players—stereotypes or multidimensional characters? Is this new wave of thinking about science in fiction leading to new literary forms? What is its role in science communication? Can a novel, film, or play make science more approachable, or inspire curiosity about scientific concepts?