Devotion and Healing. The sick, miraculously cured, examined Body of Sister Maria Vittoria Centurione in Eighteenth-Century Genoa

This research study aims to analyze documentation related to bodies, their definition and management. For this purpose, documents were used from a box entitled "Grazie" (n. 1355) from the Archives of the Diocese of Genoa, in which documents concerning miracles that occurred in the Diocese were kept. The nun Maria Vittoria Centurione of the Carmelite monastery of Saint Teresa was involved in a series of miracles studied by the Genoese ecclesiastical authorities between 1701 and 1705. In particular, she was healed from a form of vertigen tenebrosa with subsequent progressive paralysis through the intercession of St Teresa in 1701, and from another unknown disease through the intercession of St Pasquale Bailon, who appeared to her in her cell in the monastery. This study illustrates perceptions of the body in the monastery and in the Curia, notably through the theological books used by the ecclesiastical officials, as well as in the Genoese medical community.

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